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AFFA Fine Open Air Market

Where cash payment is the only option, stall holders and car booters shall be encouraged to use separate gloves for cash/goods. However, it is important to remember that sanitising cash exchanges is probably more effective than wearing gloves, due to the risk of bacterial exchange from gloves.

In addition, stall holders and car booters will be advised to consider additional measures e.g. goods transfer station where produce/payment can be exchanged with minimum contact, and ‘cash transfer boxes’ to avoid cash being handed directly from a customer to a stall holder or car booter.

Yes you do. Entry is free but you need to be registered in advance of arriving. This is to assist with our track and trace efforts and also to assess how many people are on site at any one time as you will be scanned in and out of the venue.

You just need to register on this site, or when you are arriving at the Market. But please arrive at the Organiser Tent having registered, to avoid any delays and queues forming. Here is the LINK to Book!

Visitors to the Market can consume food that they purchase at the Market but they are not allowed to consume alcohol on site, with the exception of samples, which the stallholders reserve the right to limit or refuse. Any packaging should be disposed of in a responsible way.

Note also that food and drink vendors handing out samples will be doing this from behind the stall, to mitigate any potential COVID-transmission. Also, with fruit and veg purchased at the Market, we always recommend that any food is thoroughly washed before being consumed.

All vehicles are parked up according to arrival logistics. If you want to be with your friends please arrive together and we will try our best to look after your needs.

We will be parking vehicles depending on size and weight. Those that are heavier will be parked closest to the entrance/exit to mitigate damage to the site and also potential issues getting stuck!

Yes, this is allowed. However, any trader can only do this in the Market Traders area, and be displaying a disclaimer notice where drinks and/or food is served informing consumers that hot stuffs can scald. Trader will also be required to display their valid food hygiene certificate. Also, any spillages or breakages in the vicinity of their stall should be cleaned up immediately as they occur.

And Traders must complete in advance a Hot Food Permit. Don't worry, we will keep you right :)

Any plans to take any petrol/diesel powered generators should be approved in writing by the Organisers in advance. If approval in advance is given, the following conditions will apply:-

  • If used, generator to be used in a safe outdoor position sited on a drip tray and/or elevated off the grass to ensure no scorching of the grass (any damage to grass would need to be backcharged);
  • Generator should be cordoned off from public;
  • Awareness of exhaust fumes from generator not falling into excavations, buildings or confined spaces when siting generator;
  • Signage used stating that there is electrical and fire hazards and that no smoking or naked flames are allowed;
  • Refuelling on site is strictly prohibited and should be carried out off site;
  • Generator to be serviced annually, visually inspected prior to use and have valid PAT certification;
  • Ideally generator would be cordoned off from public with physical barrier, whilst ensuring full ventilation.

Pets are welcomed to the Market, so long as they are kept on a short lead, controlled and any dog mess is cleared at the time by its owners. Oh, and you pop past the Organiser Tent with your pooch to say hello. We might even have some little treats for your fur baby :)

Absolutely not! We care for the environment, so please do not add to the pollution. This is obviously unsafe and discourteous to fellow traders too, so if any instances of this is witnessed by our stewards, you will be asked to turn your engine off. If repeat, you may be asked to stop trading.

We are currently discussing this with the Licensing Authorities. We have a yes for Crathes Markets, await feedback for Aberdeen Beach Links. So long as vehicle does not cause an obstruction and is parked wholly within the space allocated next to your stand, and is not moved whilst the Market is in operation.

Worst case scenario (for Aberdeen Beach Links), is that you can take it onto site to unload, set up your stand, then remove your car prior to "lock in" at 0830.

No, sorry. Stallholders and car booters have to pay in advance for their spaces, to avoid cash and payment at the Event. We want to avoid handling cash at the event, due to ongoing COVID restrictions.

Sure! We will update this post in the week run-up to each Market. So here is the first update ... and remember, visitors must all pre-register before they attend, and a lot of people may register in the last couple of days (and even on the day of the Market!), so this information may go out of date very quickly. And also, just because someone is registered, doesn't mean that they will turn up either! And the weather can affect things also. So please just take this info as a guide only!

Crathes, 1 November 2020: Visitors registered as at 31/10/2020: 1,498

Aberdeen Beach Links, 15 November 2020: Visitors registered as at 14/11/2020: 1,466

Crathes, 6 December  2020: Visitors registered as at 25/11/2020: 890


Yes, all visitors are required to register before they can gain entry. This is to support the Government's track and trace efforts. All visitors will be checked before they enter the Market and asked to show their registration barcode. If they are unable to produce this, they will be requested to register before they enter.

Visitors are requested to take a face mask or covering with them to the Market. Visitors are encouraged to wear a face mask or covering during any queuing and also if entering a stallholders market area where this is enclosed on three sides. Other than this, face masks and/or coverings are not required in general outdoor areas so long as there is no overcrowding or congested areas. However, we always encourage face masks be worn as much as possible.

No, so long as you have our approval to be part of the Market, you do not need a street traders license.

We want to be all inclusive whilst not diluting the visitor experience by having too many of the same brands. If we offer exclusivity for one brand, it means we have to do this across the whole Market, and it may be that some businesses are selling additional sale lines. We would look at this on a case by case basis, but on the whole, no, we do not offer exclusivity to one brand/category. What we would do on the day of the Market, is move similar brands/categories away from each other. However, we would expect those businesses to highlight this to us when they turn up to set up, since our parking stewards would not be aware.

Yes, we are pleased to launch our AFFA Fine Loyalty Scheme for any referrals that lead to a confirmed booking.

If any traders in your network would like to attend any of our AFFA Fine events, we will award the referrer a £5 credit (for any future event booked in 2020) for each referral that leads to a booked stand. To qualify for a referral, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., copying in the referred business and we will let you know if/when a booking is made as a result. We will then issue you with a £5 credit per 2020 event booking towards any future event.

Note that this loyalty credit only applies to events booked in 2020.

Unfortunately, we are unable at this time to offer any discounts for the car booters.

Unfortunately not. We hope that our pricing is affordable and we are trying not to complicate our pricing structure too much.

Absolutely (and thank you for what you are doing!). We offer a 25% discount for all charities. We just ask for your charity registration number and we will provide you with a discount code to insert into the checkout process on our website.

We'd love to promote any special offers that you may have in the run up or during a Market. Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details and we will add it to our website and share it across our social media channels!

Pick the date and location you wish to attend from the dates published on our website, select the space allocation you need (single trader stand, double stand, etc.) and complete your booking online. Once you book, you will be emailed a QR code and confirmation, which you should print off and have in the window of your car for scanning on arriving at the venue. 

And here is the LINK to BOOK!

Maximum of 2 sellers per trading position I'm afraid.However, if absolutely necessary, children (maximum 2) can accompany the sellers, so long as they are from the same household and, for food and drink stallholders, any produce is shielded from any prying hands!

We actively encourage you to have more than just yourself on your stand, so that you are sufficiently covered should you wish to take a comfort break during the day of the Market.

Always check our website, Facebook, Instagram and email early morning before setting off. 

Please consult the current guidelines regarding applicable restrictions. However, if you are allowed to travel for work, then yes, you can attend one of the markets to trade. Note hwoever, that this does not apply for car booters and visitors to the market.

Yes, we understand the concern. However, the event capacity numbers will be strictly controlled through mandatory registration, scanning in and out of the event, providing us with accurate data on how many people are on at any one time. Our marshalls will also be ensuring that all stall holders and visitors to the event are adhering to all current social distancing guidelines. In addition, our guidance is as follows:-


  • Members of public to be advised that 2 people from the same household should visit any single stall at a time;
  • ALL to be advised not to attend the market if they or any of their household are symptomatic or self-isolation;
  • Members of public will be required to adhere to the one-way system around the event, ensuring social distancing at all time;
  • Volunteer stewards to be stationed at main access points to alert people to COVID procedures, and to enforce where necessary;
  • Access to the Event to be marshalled through main Entrance;
  • Members of public will be reminded of the social distancing measures and asked for compliance. Members of public will also be asked to move on from stalls once they have made their purchases;
  • Stalls will be widely spaced i.e. there will be minimum 2m (typically 3m) between every space – this guarantees space for 2 or 3 customers to queue safely and ample space for stallholders. Between any two facing stands or pitches, there will be minimum 6 metres distance.


Unfortunately no, our market operator's licence does not include approval for public entertainment.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:-

You can cancel your pitch up to 30 days prior to the event you are intending to sell at, at no charge, no questions asked :) Wthin 30 days and 14 days to the event you are intending to sell at, we are not able to refund you but we can move your booking to another event. WIthin 14 days to the event, we are not able to refund you or move your booking.

Yes, this is allowed but you will be expected to have read and understood the Food Standards Guidelines, and:-

  • All stallholders selling meat shall provide food hygiene certification in advance;
  • Meat to be purchased from reputable suppliers, within best before date and stored in a suitable way;
  • Good housekeeping and hygiene practices to be implemented and observed;
  • Food handlers to wear Nitrile, Nylon or Latex gloves and any cuts to covered with a blue dressing;
  • Samples should be handled with tongs (regularly disinfected) and samples should not be left out for visitors to consume. 
  • No one to handle food that's had diarrhoea or other food related illness in last 24 hours.

You also need to complete the Hot Food Permit, a download link will be provided when you are uploading your other Vendor Documentation within our Portal. Don't worry, we will keep you right :)

All meat to be 'well done', and checked in the middle to ensure it is cooked through.

Yes, that is fine. However, any stallholder trading alcoholic products or giving away samples shall submit to the Organiser in advance their Occasional License, and also have this on display at their stand at all times during the Market opening hours. They must also be registered with their local Authority Environmental Health. With the exception of carefully monitored samples, no other alcoholic liquor shall be consumed at the Market. Only closed bottle sales will be allowed at the Market. If the stallholder does not have a valid Occasional License or be registered, they will not be allowed to sell any alcoholic products or give away any samples. This is to ensure that we, as the Market Organiser, are operating within the confines of our Market Operator License.

We are looking forward to welcoming all sponsors, stallholders and visitors to the Market! Remember, we are here for you every step of the way in the run up, during and after the Market. So if you every have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section of our website, but also feel free to get in touch with us. It's best to get in touch with us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, if it urgent, you should always be able to get in touch with us on Aberdeen (01224) 507222.

We all want to have a safe and fun Market, so to help guide us along the way, here is some guidance:-

Address for the Market:

The address is Crathes Castle (Guides Field), Banchory, Aberdeenshire AB31 5QJ. Here is a weblink for directions. You enter the main driveway heading up towards the Castle. You will be met by our Stewards on the driveway, who will direct you further.


  • If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms associated with COVID, please do not travel to the Market; or if you start to have symptoms during the Market, please let the Organiser know so that precautions can be made;
  • Please ensure that you have submitted all documentation to the Organisers in advance, to ensure that there are no problems when you arrive at the Market;
  • Please print out your emailed confirmation and make sure the QR code is clearly visible. Your confirmation should be visible in your vehicle window above your steering wheel on top of your dashboard. If you have a QR confirmation from a previous cancelled market, this one is valid, until it is redeemed at the next market;
  • Check the weather before you leave and make sure you are dressed for the weather! Remember the Market is hosted on grass, so we strongly recommend that you wear thick, thick socks and sturdy shoes. We also recommend that you put a sheet of cardboard down behind your stand as this will take a fair bit of chill away from the grass, whether wet or otherwise. You may also think about taking 4 small sheets of plywood to place under the wheels of your vehicle (this is ultra-preparation!);
  • Have a think about who will staff your stand whilst you are away on any comfort breaks. Toilets are available nearby at Cafe 1702);
  • Ensure you have a copy of all required certification and have available at your stand (Minimum, public liability insurance and all food alcohol licenses);
  • Please take weights to secure gazebo legs. If any structures are deemed inappropriate, flimsy or not appropriate for the weather conditions, the Organiser may request that the structure is modified, taken down or removed;
  • Please ensure you have sufficient fire fighting and first aid equipment on your stand;
  • We encourage all stallholders to take with them hand sanitiser and disinfectant to have on their stand;
  • Any promotion of the Market in advance by all participants is really appreciated. Although we appreciate that we are responsible for promoting the Market, if this is supplemented by all participants, everyone wins!;
  • We will have a photographer at the Market taking photographs for promotion of future Markets. If you are not comfortable with this, please let the photographer know at the time. His name is Michal. He is very nice!;
  • Looking for info on registered visitors so that you can prepare for stock levels? Check out this FAQ!;
  • And remember, we can control a lot of things, but we can't control the weather. Please be aware of forecasted weather conditions!

On Arrival at the Market (between 8am and 930am):

  • Gates open from 8am and will close at 930am. If you turn up after 930am, you will not be able to enter the Market area;
  • Please be patient if there is a queue. There is likely to be a bit of congestion if cars arrive at the same time. Please work with us by being prepared with your confirmation on show;
  • With respect, please remember that this is a grass field and, although it may look sturdy, it is very susceptible for damage, particularly after or during rain. So please, be careful when entering and exiting the site. Any damage to the grass may need to be back-charged but we hope not to have to be having those discussions :)
  • If you are not registered when you arrive at the Gates, you may not be allowed in, and you may be asked to register and come back to the Gate;
  • Please respect our Staff and be kind. We will of course always be respectable of you and yours;
  • You will be guided onto the Market space and you will be allocated the next space available. We are unable to pick and choose spaces;
  • Once you are parked up, you will not be allowed to leave until the Market closes at 3pm, and at this point, you will need to be guided off the Market by our stewards;
  • Any food preparation stalls or units within the market or associated with the market shall comply in full with the provisions of the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006 which includes all food standards compliance certification;
  • No alcohol can be consumed at the Market, with the exception of samples, which should be carefully controlled by stalholders that are licensed to do so, and whom also have in their possession an occasional license, available for inspection;
  • For any food stands selling fruit and/or veg, please display a sign that states that all fresh food should be washed before consumed;
  • For anyone using gazebos or temporary structures, please ensure that it is weighted down adequately in case of any wind gusts. NOTE, stick-build gazebos are not permitted. If you do turn up with one of these, you will not be able to erect it;
  • Once you are set up, a representative of the Organiser may inspect your stand, particularly if your stand build is non-standard, you are selling food and/or drink, and/or you are using power, gas,water.
  • Any gazebos that have at least 3 sides attached are classified as an "inside" space and traders should be wearing a mask. We encourage all stallholders to wear masks irrespective;
  • Please respect social distancing guidance at all times during set up, during the Market and during breakdown. Please let the Organisers know if you witness consistent breaching of this by any other participants and/or visitors;
  • The Market will be operating a one-way system. Please make yourself aware of this;
  • If you have customers coming to attend the Market, if appropriate, please encourage them to take public transport; and if they need to drive, that they park responsibly and legally.

During the Market (between 10am and 3pm):

  • Please share images of your stand and the Market to your social media so that we can give you extra promotion during the Market;
  • Please keep your stand and/or car boot area neat, tidy and hygenic;
  • If possible, please have all items labelled and priced;
  • Please take care of your own rubbish and remove from site;
  • Please also take care not to damage your surroundings or grass area. Any scorch marks or tyre skid damage, may be backcharged to you at a later date;
  • We encourage all stallholders to have disinfectant on hand, and to encourage all visitors to their pitch to sanitise before and ask touching any merchandise, and/or handling cash;
  • Please, no more than 2 visitors at your pitch at any one time. We would request that you ask anyone else to move along and come back to your stand. Whilst this is counter-intuitive, we ask that you discourage crowds, whether at your pitch or elsewhere;
  • We encourage all stallholders to take cashless payment if at all possible.
  • Always be kind, no matter how stressful any situation may be at the time. We have a zero tolerance policy on verbal and/or physical abuse.

After the Market (from 3pm):

  • Please do not start breaking down your pitch until all public has left the Market;
  • Please do a check of your area once you are packed up and ensure that you have packed up any rubbish and taken it with you;
  • Please do your very best to not damage the ground area at your stand area or whilst leaving the Market area. Any damage may have to be back-charged and we really hope not to be having any of those discussions;
  • Please be patient whilst our stewards guide you off the Market area. All moving vehicles should be by guidance from our stewards;
  • Please also respect our landlords and their property as you leave the Market surrounding area.

Important Information:

  • Organiser Tent: The Organiser Tent is a green 6mx3m structure located at the Entrance Gates. The Organisers are Etiom Limited, and this is managed by Gavin, Adam or Alex. Telephone number is 01224 507222 if you need to speak to us at any time (phoneline is directed to all our mobiles);
  • Fire Fighting: If you have a fire emergency, please make this known to the Organiser and/or the nearest Steward to you. Please also make this known to the nearest stands to you so that they can be vacated if necessary. If you decided to tackle the fire in the first instance, please take every precaution. You should have localised fire fighting equipment on your stand and you should be trained to use this. If there is a requirement to vacate the Market, please take the guidance from the Organiser and the Stewards, who will lead any Market evacuation;
  • First Aid: If you have a first aid and/or medical emergency, please let the nearest steward to you aware. The Organiser has two first aid trained stewards onsite. You should also be in possession of your own First Aid kit to address to any minor ailments;
  • Lost Person: The Lost Person point is the Organiser's Tent. If you see anyone looking lost, or this is reported to you, please follow this through to the Organiser Tent.

Let's stay safe and have a thoroughly enjoyable Market!

Best wishes, The Team at AFFA Fine Open Air Market

We're afraid power is not available on site. If you need power for your pitch and you are to be using your own power generation (e.g. diesel/petrol generator, running car engine, etc.), this MUST be advised to our events staff prior to being on site, and MUST be approved in writing. Anyone found to be using power generation equipment not prior approved, may be asked to stop this immediately and may be asked to leave the venue.

No, this is an open air market and therefore not covered. 

The Market is situated on a grassy area, and also the grass will be cut to a reasonable level, unfortunately those with mobility issues may struggle to traverse the site. However, adequate access for wheelchair users, people with pushchairs and disabilities will be given and assistance provided when available.

Here is the siteplan for Aberdeen Beach Links

Beach Links Market Stalls Map Sept 2020 SMALL

Here is the siteplan for Crathes

Crathes Castle Market Stalls Map SMALL

We have to work within the confines of the rules set out to us by our landlord and also the market operator license conditions. Unfortunately, there is no parking available on site for less-abled  / disabled individuals or people with pushchairs. However, at both Crathes and Aberdeen Beach Links, we do allow temporary drop off and pick up near the Entrance, so long as any temporary stopping does not impede other traffic flowing around the Market entrance area or causing a safety issue for pedestrians.

The drop off / pick up points are as indicated below.

For those that have dropped off visitors, they must remove their vehicle as quickly as possible and park in an appropriate parking area. Pick up is also available, but with the same restrictions. 

Note also that both sites are events fields, and may ne difficult to traverse due to potential trip hazards (longer turfs, divits in ground level, wet underfoot, etc). We therefore urge all visitors to maintain awareness of the ground conditions at all times. The grass has been cut to a reasonable level. However, it is not a manicured lawn :) We therefore advise to take care when browsing stands.

Aberdeen Beach Links


Crathes Castle and Grounds (Guides Field)


We have been asked by the site owners not to have parking on site for visitors. However, there is plenty parking available at both sites. In addition to the site owners, we would always strongly encourage visitors to use public transport if at all possible.

For Aberdeen Beach Links 

By Foot: The address for the Market is the Aberdeen Beach Events Field, AB24 5EN. A number of attractive and fun routes are available to the site, and we encourage you to research these in advance.

Public Transport: The nearest bus route that travels past the Market is the No. 15 Airyhall - Aberdeen Beach Links bus. It travels along Esplanade, down York Street and then along Links Road, as indicated below. Nearest bus stop to the Market is at the Beach Retail Park. It typically arrives (on a Sunday) every 30 mins. Here is a LINK to the First Group Bus website and the No. 15 Bus Route. We also in discussions with an Aberdeen-based Tuk Tuk service to understand whether they are able to provide a fun transport link from the City Centre to the Aberdeen Beach. Watch this space!

By car: Free parking is available nearby, on the Esplanade, Wellington Street and York Street. We strongly discourage parking in the Queens Links Leisure Park complex parking or the Beach Boulevard Retail Park, simply out of respect to those outlets within those complexes.As far as we are aware, there are no charges for parking roadside at the Beach, but there are a number of changes happening in the vicinity, so we encourage you to research in advance. Please note also that parking on grassy verges or illegally is strictly prohibited.

For Crathes Castle

By Foot: The address for the Market is Crathes Castle Guides Field, AB31 5QJ. 

Public Transport: The nearest bus route that travels past Crathes is the Stagecoach 201 (Aberdeen-Braemar) service. Nearest bus stop to the Market is at Milton of Crathes. It typically arrives (on a Sunday) every 60 mins. Here is a LINK to the Stagecoach website and the No. 201 Bus Route

By car: The nearest parking is no more than 5 minutes away from the Market, in the Visitor Overflow carpark. Note that if you are not a National Trust for Scotland patron, there is a charge for parking (at time of writing, it is £3). Visitors are requested not to park on grassy verges and be respectful of the Estate surroundings.

Under usual circumstances, we would have a number of seating areas available throughout the Market. However, in light of current circumstances regarding COVID, we have removed all seating areas, public areas and minimised as many "touch points" as possible. If you may require to take a rest whilst you are at the Market, may be respectively ask that you bring with you a portable resting device with you. There are various devices that are available for hillwalkers and such like that would come very useful.


Having space to be safe, whilst supporting local businesses, was at the heart of our thought process when designing the AFFA Fine Open Air Market. Although indoor events are likely to be off the cards for the next few months, it doesn't mean that there is still an opportunity to celebrate the very best of local makers and market traders. Key to all this is doing it safely.

To ensure we get this right, we’ve been working very closely over the past number of months with both Aberdeenshire Council to ensure that our Market space is as COVID-compliant as possible.

We have also enlisted the support of Granite Elite to provide a number of friendly stewards to keep us all right. They will be parading the Market to ensure that everyone is social distancing and complying with government guidelines.

We would really appreciate your help too, so here are some early thoughts for you to consider before travelling to AFFA Fine Open Air Market:-

1. Please make sure you are pre-registered and you bring with you, either a print or on your phone, the QR code you were issued. This will be scanned when you arrive and when you leave so that we have an accurate account of who has been to the Market and for how long;

2. Ensure that your use the disinfectant positioned at stations within the Market.

3. Although not mandatory, we strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask whilst at the Market, whether you are in the open air or within a stall area;

4. If you have developed any COVID symptoms or you should be quarantining having returned from holiday, please do not travel to the Market;

5. We encourage everyone to use public transport, but if travelling by car, please park responsibly and courteously to our neighbours;

6. Remember the 2m rule. We have created huge spaces inbetween each stall and also wide aisles, so this should be relatively easy. But please just be aware of your surroundings, and if there are already people at a stall or car boot, please move on and come back!

7. We are operating a One-Way system which will be signposted and enforced by our stewards. Please adhere to it, and do not take short cuts inbetween stalls!

8. And lastly, although we are open from 10am, we hope that not everyone will turn up at once! If so, you might experience a bit of a queue at times, which we hope to avoid. So please have a think about when you might want to come. We are open 10am until 3pm, so plenty time to browse the stalls.

AND finally! If you are interested in a market stall, our cut off for new bookings is 7 days prior to the next Market. This is so that you have time to submit to us all your documentation in good time to be checked and queried if necessary. So remember this if you are interested in taking a stall at the next Market.

With your support, we can host an exceptional outdoor retail event, where everyone feels safe, and we can be proud that everyone cooperated and we can continue these events into 2021.

Thank you so much for your support!

Much love, AFFA Fine.

Market Traders can arrive to set up from 8am. However, we anticipate that a number of cars will arrive at the same time, so we respectively ask that you don't plan to arrive at 8am as there is likely to be congestion at this time. Access to set up stops at 930am. Vehicles arriving after 930am will not be able to gain entry to the Market area.

Yes. You need to provide a valid (within 12 months) gas safety certificate, signed by a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. This should be provided in advance on our Vendor Document Upload System for inspection and also have this available for inspection on site. Also, all appliances need to be safe and not posing any risk to the public at large. Any appliance deemed to be unsafe after inspection may not be allowed to be used. If there are any greater concerns about your stall set up and condition of equipment, we may ask you to stop trading.

Yes. You need to provide a valid Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certification in advance on our Vendor Document Upload System, and also have any certification available for inspection on site. Also, all appliances need to be safe and not posing any risk to the public at large. Any appliance deemed to be unsafe after inspection may not be allowed to be used. If there are any greater concerns about your stall set up and condition of equipment, we may ask you to stop trading.

Unfortunately not. Once the event is open to the public, noone is able to move their space or leave the Market. This is for safety reasons and to ensure that we mitigate any risks of people getting hurt by moving vehicles.

Our hygiene and welfare measures will include:-

  • A hand sanitising station will be available at the Event Organisers “station” so that people can sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the event;
  • Minimum 2 bottles of hand sanitiser gel (75% alcohol based ) will be positioned at the hand sanitising station;
  • All stallholders will be encouraged to have hand sanitiser available for use for themselves and by customers;
  • Notices will be displayed throughout the Market reminding customers of the importance of regular hand sanitising;
  • Stall holders will be reminded to use the ‘aseptic technique’, using separate gloves when handling produce and payment or other items. Spare gloves to be available to allow for changing as required;
  • Stall holders to clean surfaces with antiviral wipes/cleaner prior to set up and at the end of trading;
  • Stall holders will be encouraged to wear face masks and/or face visors, depending on the activity planned for their area;
  • Toilet facilities for ALL available in nearby areas - Cafe 1702.

All waste to be bagged and removed from Market at the end of the day.

Once you have booked your stand, you will need to provide an e-copy of the following:

  1. Public Liability Insurance; and
  2. Food Safety Certificate of Compliance (if you are planning to sell food), achieving a "Pass" standard in terms of the Food Hygiene Information Scheme, or equivalent if outwith Scotland; and Occasional license if you plan to sell alcohol or give away samples; and if you plan to sell or give away samples of food and/or drink, you will need to registered with your local authority environmental health.

And remember, if you are selling consumable products, such as food or drink, you need to be registered with your local Authority environmental health. Consumable can even mean pills, herbal products, and such like. So remember, you need to check with your local authority about whether you should be registered.

Copies of your certification should be uploaded to this LINK at least one week prior to the event.

Space only, 3m x 3m. You also get a trader profile page on our website, and you are welcome to upload any offers you may run from time to time.

You are welcome to bring your own gazebo table chairs and such like. You just need to let us know in advance what you are bringing and complete this in the Vendor Questionnaire upload.

All stall holders - Will be required to hold public liability insurance, with cover against claims of up to £1million by third parties occasioned by negligence on the part of stallholder (food and drink stallholders are required to have minimum £2million).

All stall holders - All stalls or units and any premises contained in the market shall comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974, subordinate codes of practices or other associated legislation.

Food Vendors - Any food preparation stalls or units within the market or associated with the market shall comply in full with the provisions of the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006 which includes all food standards compliance certification, and also be registered with their local authority environmental health.

Cooking Vendors - Vendors that will be cooking live (e.g. bbq'ing, cooking pizzas) will need to complete a Hot Work Permit, which you will need to complete as part of the Vendor Documentation Upload process.

Drink Vendors - All vendors selling alcoholic drinks and/or giving away alcoholic samples shall be in possession of a valid occasional drinks licence and also be registered with their local authority environmental health.

Second Hand Goods Vendors - All traders participating in the market shall be holders of second-hand dealers licences granted by Aberdeen City/Shire Council.

All stall holders will need to provide in advance a response to our stall holder questionnaire to provide information on their plans for their stand. Any significant stand builds will require additional information.

All licenses shall be submitted to the Organisers at least 14 days in advance of the Market, and shall be displayed on their stand whilst it is opened to the public.

Set up can start from 7am. Please do not turn up before this time as you will likely be refused entry and this could cause congestion in public areas and cause disturbance to our Market neighbours. Any vehicles arriving after 830am will not be able to gain access to the Market to set up.

This is one of the downsides of holding events outdoors. If there was inclement weather forecasted, we would continue to assess ground and wind conditions to ensure that the Market is safe to proceed. If it is deemed appropriate, the Organisers may request all stallholders to take precautions, such as taking down any structures at height (ie. gazebos), and may even have to close the market early. We would ask for everyone's cooperation to ensure everyone's safety is never compromised.

A meeting would be convened 24 hours prior to the event, and if the decision was reached to cancel the Market, a notification would go out by email to all those registered to attend and also messages posted on social media.

For those that were booked to attend as a Stall Holder or Car Booter, their booking would be transferred to the next Market date.

We are very aware of the preparation that goes into each Market stall, and we would only postpone / cancel a Market if there was a safety concern. 

Our contact preentative measures will include:-

  • ALL to be asked, where possible, to use contactless payment;
  • Stallholders and car booters will pay in advance for their spaces, to avoid cash and payment at the Market;
  • Members of public will be discouraged from touching goods before purchase;
  • Where cash payment is the only option, stall holders and car booters to use separate gloves for cash/goods.

Stall holders and car booters will be advised to consider additional measures e.g. goods transfer station where produce/payment can be exchanged with minimum contact, and ‘cash transfer boxes’ to avoid cash being handed directly from a customer to a stall holder or car booter.

Good question! When looking for suitable sites, the Beach Links Events Field is one of the only sites available in Aberdeen City big enough to cater for a socially distanced event. It is also situated in a dip, and so shielded somewhat from the brunt of any winds coming off the sea. However, irrespective of where the site is location, outdoor events are always susceptible to weather conditions, and so we always recommend that each stallholder brings a gazebo as a precaution. 

Brilliant question! Well, a number of reasons really. We are creating a new retail experience to support local makers and market traders to trade through these unprecedented and uncertain times, within an environment that we can control, with the exception of the weather! Indoor events are questionable for the foreseeable future, so we are trialling an alternative, which we hope that shoppers and traders will like, and support. Clearly one downside is potential weather issues, but the benefits of the sites we have chosen is certain flexibility in dates. So if we have extraordinary weather conditions, we can postpone by a week or so, or people can join the alternative event two weeks later. This is an event for the car booters too. They are welcomed for general public to repurpose their unwanted household goods. Note that trading within this area is strictly prohibited.

Yes, there are threats of more local and national lockdowns, and if that happens, we will deal with it. We will ALWAYS comply with governmental guidelines, and actually, endeavour to go above and beyond where we can, and it is appropriate.

We are all desperate to get back some sense of normality, but we also need to be very aware of our own (and collective) responsibilities to keep everyone safe. We hope that AFFA Fine Open Air Market provides a safe COVID-guidelines-compliant events space where everyone feels comfortable to attend.

And lastly, we are an events company. We have not run in-person events since March, and we are desperate to get back to what we feel we do well. We need to get involved in these events again, and so we are excited to be launching this outdoor concept.

We hope not. However, queuing cannot be ruled out. This is dependent on how many arrive at the same time, and how many people have not pre-registered. You can help these efforts by having pre-registered and being patient. We may also have to crowd control to ensure that the Market area is not over-crowded.

We will be stationing rubbish pickers who will be patrolling the Market. Bins will be provided at the entrance of the Market, Stallholders will be required to bring their own rubbish receptibles and they are also responsible for taking off site their own waste also.